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Aluminum Frame Wave Attenautor

The Frame
The frame of our aluminum floating wave attenuator is created with a 48" truss, engineered from heavy-duty, tubular aluminum extrusions. The outside of the truss is sheathed with 18-gauge, galvanized, corrugated steel plates to absorb and dissipate waves. Attached along the sides of the system, flush with the top of the deck, pressure-treated wooden whalers are added as a standard feature on each section of the wave attenuator. Flotation is provided by polyethylene-encased polystyrene. Decking is available in a variety of materials so that the wave attenuator will blend into the marina setting. Dock fingers may be attached to the side of the wave attenuator to create slips.

Key Fact
The corrugated steel panels trap water inside the frame of the wave attenuator and effectively add to the mass of the structure. It is this mass that absorbs and dissipates the wave action.


  • The variety of decking options allows the wave attenuator to blend in with other docks
  • The relatively lightweight makes them easier to remove and install where docks are seasonal
  • They don't rust or corrode, so they'll last longer and maintain their attractive appearance
  • It is a moderately priced alternative to heavier systems

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