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What type of floatation is used?
Our floating systems use flotation shells that are rotationally molded from durable polyethylene for a seamless, one-piece construction. The polyethylene shells are then filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam so they will not sink or contaminate the water even if punctured. For more information on the polyethylene encasement and the EPS foam, click here.

Can I add another dock in the future?
One of the great features of our products is that they can be easily reconfigured or expanded. Whether you choose a floating system or a standing system, our docks are as stylish as they are functional and flexible. We even offer curved docks that can be configured to serpentine along with circular end platforms. Contact St. Lawrence Docks for a free design consultation.

Can I add accessories?
From lighting and lifts to PWC ports and furniture, we offer an ever expanding inventory of practical, yet stylish accessories to enhance your waterfront system. We also carry some terrific water toys that add fun to any day in the sun.

How long from ordering can I have delivery and installation?
Delivery and installation dates depend on the product being purchased. Typically, delivery and installation will take at least two weeks from confirmation of your order. Needless to say we know the season is short! We pledge to do our utmost to ensure that you are able to enjoy your new St. Lawrence Docks products as soon as possible.

Do I need a permit?
Whether or not you need a permit depends on where the installation is taking place as well as the type of system being installed. Contact St. Lawrence Docks for details. We'll help you get in touch with the right authorities should your installation require a permit(s).

Do you work weekends?
We are prepared to perform on-site consultation as well as deliver and install new products in the evenings as well as on weekends.

Does the dock have to come out of the water in the winter?
It is recommended that all standing docks be removed over the winter months as frames are extremely susceptible to ice damage. Most floating docks can over-winter in the water. Contact St. Lawrence Docks for information on removing standing dock components or to arrange for removal through our economical annual service program. For more information on winterizing your docking system, click here.

How do you winterize the dock?
Contact St. Lawrence Docks for information on our economical annual service plan that includes winterization as well as spring installation. For more information on winterizing your docking system, click here.

Do you accept major credit cards?
Yes, we accept cash, cheque, VISA or MasterCard.

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