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Floating Boat LiftsFloating Boat Lifts are an ideal complement to a floating dock. Floating boat lifts were originally designed to meet the needs of boaters in the inland reservoirs of the south central and south eastern United States, but they are a good choice anywhere your shoreline is marked by deep water or water that fluctuates more than a few feet during the course of a boating season. While floating boat lifts are a natural fit with floating docks, they may also be attached to standing docks or seawalls. To use a floating boat lift, you must generally have a minimum of four to five feet of water in order to allow the tanks to submerge and the boat to enter the lift.

How they work
Floating boat lifts use a set of tanks, which raise the boat when they are filled with air, and lower the boat when the air is released. These lifts are attached to the dock, and are typically used year round.

The Toughest Boat Lift On The Planet
Protect the value and performance of your investment with a Galva-Lift Floating Boat Lift.

GalvaLift Floating Boat Lift
GalvaLift Floating Boat Lift

Engineered for use in U-Shaped floating dock systems, deep water or shallow, and fixed pier applications, Galva-Lift prevents your boat or PWC from accumulating algae and plant growth. With GalvaLift, you can preserve your watercraft's finish, decrease fuel consumption, protect out drives, and enhance the overall appearance and value of your investment.

Available with High Density Polyethylene tanks for the maximum life and benefit of any boatlift available, the GalvaLift may be stock-adapted to virtually any type of watercraft.

Benefits of the High Density Polyethylene Tanks

  • " wall thickness making the tank virtually "bulletproof"
  • Polyethylene tanks actually retain some buoyancy in the down position which makes them less stressful on the dock and lift system
  • Lifetime warranty on Polyethylene tanks to the original purchaser of the lift
  • Special process used to weld the end caps into the tanks ensures the strongest weld in the industry today
  • Impervious to saltwater

The original GalvaLifts are also available in hot-dipped zinc galvanized tanks.

A wide range of models are available to accommodate your specific mooring situation.

Control Units are deck mounted and equipped with heavy-duty blower motor, control valves, 12' cord, standard three-conductor plug, and ground fault circuit interrupter. All control units operate on 120 V/120 amp home current.

GalvaLifts are newly configured for two PWC Styles: 4500, 6500, and 8500 capacities in the runabout lifts for floating or side mooring applications; and 10,000 - 27,000-lb. capacity for larger cruisers.

Choosing the right lift for your application is key to maximizing the protection of your boat or PWC. Consult with your St. Lawrence Docks specialist to pinpoint necessary specifications.

GalvaLift Boat Lifts and GalvaFoam docks are the perfect floating combination
GalvaLift Boat Lifts and GalvaFoam docks are the perfect floating combination

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