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St. Lawrence Docks offers three types of PWC lifts. Consult with your St. Lawrence Docks specialist to pinpoint necessary specifications.

GalvaLift Floating Personal Watercraft Lifts
GalvaLift Personal Watercraft Lifts are available in two models: the Front Mount, for use inside a wet slip, and the Side Mount, for use on the side of a dock.

Side Mount
The Side Mount is available in HDPE Tanks in a 1100-Pound capacity and is mounted to a floating dock. This lift operates on a level attitude, bringing the PWC straight up.

Front Mount
The Front Mount is available in six models and both HDPE and Galvanized Steel tank styles. All of the front mount lifts come with walk-boards for easy maneuvering on and off. Adjustable bunks on every lift let you easily match the specific hull configuration of your PWC.

GalvaLift FM PWC Wide Frame
GalvaLift FM PWC Wide Frame

Standing Personal Watercraft Lifts
St. Lawrence Docks offers two types of standing PWC lifts - cantilever and vertical. Both feature a 15 year structural warranty from the manufacturer, including welds, stainless steel cable, all- aluminum wheel with ball-bearing knob, four fully adjustable legs, and a canopy as an option.

Cantilever PWC Lifts

SM 1055

  • Cantilever action makes it easier to lift by transferring weight to the frame as it rises
  • Carpeted Bunk Boards Available
  • Weight Capacity 1000 lbs.
  • Maximum Beam – 55”
  • Add-on model available to economically turn your
    single lift into a double lift


  • Cantilever action makes it easier to lift by transferring weight to the frame as it rises
  • Carpeted Bunk Boards Available
  • Weight Capacity 800 lbs.
  • Maximum Beam – 80”

Vertical PWC Lift:

SM 1064

  • Vertical lift works in as little as 12” of water
  • 50” lift height & brings your personal watercraft away from
    even high waves
  • 1000 lb. weight capacity and 64” beam accommodates large personal watercrafts
  • Carpeted bunk boards available


Vertical PWC Lift


Dry dock your PWC with style and ease on a ShorePort

After a great run, give your Personal Water Craft one last flick of the throttle and slide up on a ShorePort for the fastest, easiest, simplest dry dock on water. You just drive on to load and roll off to launch, for the ultimate in docking and protecting your PWC. The adjustable polyurethane rollers and cupped front conform to any hull design. And you can use the ShorePort with almost any dock, fixed or floating.

  • 138" long, 58" wide
  • 260 lbs.
  • Flotation capacity 1,150 lbs.

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