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Wheel-A-Docks are ideal if your waterfront freezes in winter, and if you have a fairly firm lake bottom, a gradual grade, and minimal elevation at the shore. You'll also need a clearing when you pull the entire dock up and out of the water. If your site meets these conditions, a wheeled dock will be the easiest to install and remove. Just roll it in, all in one piece, in the spring, then back out again in the fall.


Features & Benefits

Poly Tires

  • Tested to 3,000 lbs.
  • Rigid sidewalls ensure tire will not go flat when submerged
  • Intake vents to eliminate buoyancy
  • Attractive appearance

Dock Height Adjustment

  • Simple, screw leg allows adjustments from the top of the docks
  • Just a turn of the wrench for easy leveling
  • No cumbersome cables or winches

6-3/4" Deep Tubular Dock Rail

  • Adds vertical and horizontal strength to the dock, virtually eliminates bounce in the dock
  • Does not catch weeds or debris, keeps docks looking nice and clean

All Aluminum Frame Construction

  • The strongest aluminum upright on the market!
  • Adjustable screw legs are constructed of a strong 3.5" square tube

Center Stringer Down the Middle of Each Section

  • Adds strength and increases life of each dock section
  • Dock only spans 2 inches, virtually eliminates bounce in the dock

Corner Dock Section

  • Comes standard with regular 4' x 8' L-sections
  • Adds safety for kids and adults
  • Adds stability to dock section

Wheel-A-Dock Tow Hitch (Optional)

  • Assists in installing and removing the dock
  • Comes with 1 7/8" coupler
  • Designed for attachment with vehicle or 4-wheeler

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