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Our design team has know-how. We are waterfront property owners, using our expertise to create innovative docking systems that can extend your living space and enhance your waterfront experience.

Maybe you know exactly what you want, but can't find it. Maybe you have steep banks, rocky shorelines, mucky bottoms or severe winds or waves. St. Lawrence Docks will find a solution for you. Click here to start with our quick and easy questionnaire. We'll recommend the configuration that best fits your needs and desires.

Our design team provides on-site evaluations and consultations, free of charge. By determining your unique needs and preferences, we can conceptualize a docking system that will fulfill your requirements and enhance your waterfront experience. Working with your shoreline characteristics, the types of waterfront activities you enjoy, your own taste and style, we can design a waterfront system that will serve and delight you for years to come. Just be prepared to be the envy of your neighbours!

Custom designed work generally takes 6-8 weeks after the configuration is approved. Contact us today for a free consultation. The following are some examples of custom designed projects.

Drawbridge Style Docks

Drawbridge style docks are supported by overhead cabling and do not need legs or floats. This style of dock is useful where the water bottom is very rocky or mucky so that a standing dock would be difficult to use or the water is very rough so that a floating dock would not be appropriate. An added advantage is that it may normally be left in during the winter unless ice flows may pile up on the bank high enough to damage the structure. A drawbridge dock requires an installer experienced with laying concrete footings. In addition, the water must be deep enough at the end of the dock for your boat's use.


Custom Floating Docks

If our standard floating docks are not appropriate for your situation, we will custom design and build a dock that is.

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