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Click to send email Recreational Floating World Class Rail Dock    

The outer frame of this docking system is composed entirely of aluminum tubing or rails. The world-class system can be constructed with sidewalls of a variety of sizes depending on your site conditions. Much like the truss system, larger rails are used for rougher waters. And all of the aluminum structures on feature polyethylene floats and are available either with aluminum, vinyl or wood decks. You can add slide-in bumpers without the need for screws or rivets which add holes and detract from the appearance of the dock.

  • No rust or corrosion, so they'll last longer and maintain their attractive appearance.
  • Lighter than steel, so they're easier to remove and install where docks are seasonal.
  • Aluminum frames flex, providing greater elasticity than steel.
  • No secondary treatment needed, making them more attractive than galvanized frames.

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