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Floating Docks are the perfect solution for sites with deep water, significant water fluctuation or where the bottom is too soft for wheeled or standing docks. If your site is exposed to heavy waves or boat wakes, a "U" shaped floating dock works best. Decking choices are almost unlimited. Anchoring is done through cables, stiff arms, ramps, or sea anchors in many different combinations.

While our floating docks may generally be frozen in without damage, floating docks may be damaged where there is significant ice movement. The most stable floating dock configurations have a "T" or "L" layout or have fingers jutting from the sides. St. Lawrence Docks offers a service program that includes winterization.

Our floats are manufactured from linear, virgin polyethylene resin containing UV inhibitors and carbon black pigment to protect against ultra violet degradation. This resin offers a balance of toughness, rigidity, environmental stress, crack resistance and low temperature impact performance unmatched by any other material. A nominal wall thickness of .15" is standard on all floats unless a specific wall thickness is requested. The polyethylene resin used is a food grade material in compliance with the FDA Title 21. As a food grade material, the float will not contaminate the waterway.

There are five distinctive options for your floating dock. Choose from our Wood Floating Docks, Floating PolyDocks, GalvaFoam Steel Floating Docks, Aluminum Floating Truss Docks and our Floating World Class Rail Docks. We can help you design your shoreline with confidence, quality and ultimate flexibility. Make your choice with a St. Lawrence Docks original and make your waterfront the envy of the neighborhood.

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