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St. Lawrence Docks can customize a docking system that will enhance the natural beauty of your shoreline, as well as your adjacent property. The diversity of products we offer enables us to create the perfect fit between your functional and recreational needs and your shoreline.

We build Standing Docks, Floating Docks, Wheel-A-Docks, Truss Docks, Custom Built Docks, Ramps and ShorePorts, with top-decking in a variety of materials and colours.

St. Lawrence Docks also provides gangways with all dock installations where necessary for accessibility.

Choosing the Right Dock

A quick description follows of the main types of docks we provide and under what conditions they perform best. Or click here to go strait to our quick and easy questionnaire. We'll recommend the configuration that best fits your needs and desires.

Standing Docks

Standing Docks work well in a wide variety of circumstances. For rough water conditions, they are recommended as waves can pass easily through the legs. If your dock can be installed permanently, it can be placed on pilings for a very solid working surface. If you plan to remove your dock for winter or other seasonal needs, standing docks can be designed for quick and easy installation and removal. They also stack nicely for better appearance during the off-season.

Floating Docks

Floating Docks are the perfect solution for sites with deep water, significant water fluctuation or where the bottom is too soft for wheeled or standing docks. If your site is exposed to heavy waves or boat wakes, a "U" shaped floating dock works best. Decking choices are almost unlimited. Anchoring is done through cables, stiff arms, ramps, or sea anchors in many different combinations.


Wheel-A-Docks are ideal if your waterfront freezes in winter, and if you have a fairly firm lake bottom, a gradual grade, and minimal elevation at the shore. You'll also need a clearing when you pull the entire dock up and out of the water. If your site meets these conditions, a wheeled dock will be the easiest to install and remove. Just roll it in, all in one piece, in the spring, then back out again in the fall.

St. Lawrence Docks Recreational & Commercial Docking Systems
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